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Borgo Conventi - Luna Di Ponca

Borgo Conventi

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The grapes are picked by hand and placed in crates, each holding 18 kilos. They are picked several times during the harvest.
For this particular wine, only the very best grapes are selected in the vineyard to ensure the highest possible quality.

The yield is approximately one kilo per vine. Secondary selection is then carried out in the winery before the winemaking process begins. When the grapes are brought to the winery, they undergo cold maceration for six hours and are then soft pressed. The grapes are processed separately. The Friulano is placed in stainless steel vats and the Chardonnay and Malvasia in small 225-litre durmast oak barrels and the lees are stirred frequently when alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is complete. After the summer, the wine is assembled and left to rest in steel vats for a few months before being bottled; the wine spends a further six months in the bottle before being released onto the market.

Straw yellow colour. A surprising freshness mingles with the intense aromas that are typical of the Collio area. The bouquet opens with notes of lemon zest, lime wood, yellow roses and jasmine, which then elegantly give way to pleasant, engaging scents of freshly baked bread, ripe apples and butter biscuits. Its exceptional structure is immediately revealed in the mouth.

The acidity of the Chardonnay gives a hint of fragrance to the flavour, the Friulano is beautiful and smooth, while the Malvasia delivers a distinctive, full and pleasant finish. Together they create a sophisticated and original flavour and aroma, reflecting the superior quality of the wines of the Collio area.